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Judge and Gavel


Code of Conduct

Rules exist for a reason. Before getting started at TSC team, please take some time to review a few guidelines that were established to ensure our forum remains a safe and engaging community. We ask that all members follow all rules of the forum. Get in touch if you’d have a question or if you have something to report.
The open nature of this forum demonstrates the trust TSC has on its members and their connections and network, however it can not be stressed enough that your membership and signed in profile on this forum automatically is based on your agreement to keep all matters discussed, information shared confidential and you are bound to follow the NCND regulation of TSC.


Please refrain from posting off-topic messages with unrelated content, with the intention of reaching users who would have otherwise not selected to intentionally consume such content.
Any such happenings shall result in immediate deletion of professional association with this site.


Please refrain from deliberately addressing a forum user or users in such a way as to intentionally upset or frustrate them, through inflammatory, off-topic messages, or with the intention of disrupting normal discussions for personal amusement.
Such behaviour shall not be acceptable under any circumstances and may result in exclusion from TSC completely.


Please refrain from posting or sharing illegal content on our forum, including pirated material or someone else’s original work without proper citation.
Any sharing of documents, pictures or notes of any kind shall be subject to moderation. If however any such objectionable content slips through, it shall be the responsibility of the posting member alone.

Any activity by any member, guest or staff that is deemed to be inappropriate or offensive as per law shall be subject to immediate suspension followed by legal action initiated by TSC promoters, should they wish to. We do not tolerate any hate, violence or harassment in the name of gender, color, race, religion, social status, nationality etc. The forum given here on this site is meant to be a closed group for the use of YSC associates, staff and members of their choosing. No uninvited personnel r entities shall be a part of this platform and we try our best to include like minded, understanding, inclusive, compassionate, genuine and overall decent people or entities on this platform.

However should anything or any activity be unacceptable or offensive to anyone in any way should be reported to the admin and an enquiry shall be ensured immediately to determine the actual facts. If found beyond doubt the objection, appropriate action shall be taken.

Enjoy, Interact and lets grow together.....

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